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Method and system for establishing preferred bluetooth profile based on a vehicle key. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243879D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-26
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This article describes how bluetooth systems in vehicles could be modified to a different bluetooth profile list per driver. The selection of profile list would be automatically inferred based on the key used to start the vehicle (based on existing smart keys). This enables the bluetooth system to automatically pair with the correct device based on the current driver of the vehicle. This is more flexible than the current bluetooth systems, which whilst they can pair with multiple devices at the same time, they can not pair with mulitple devices of the same type (e.g. two phones). This is problematic, as bluetooth systems may pair with the phone of a passenger instead of a driver - if that passenger is also a driver of the vehicle.

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Method and system for establishing preferred bluetooth profile based on a vehicle key

Method and system for establishing preferred bluetooth profile based on a vehicle key. .

Motor vehicles today commonly contain a Bluetooth system for allowing amongst other things, a vehicle occupant to pair their phone handset with the vehicle, allowing them to use the vehicle speaker, microphone and control systems to make and receive calls.

However, in a situation where there are multiple drivers of the vehicle each with their phone handset; whilst the Bluetooth system

will be configured with a profile for each of their devices, it is unaware of which profile belongs to the driver, and as such which profile to give priority. Most Bluetooth systems at this point will simply look for devices to pair with in an order based on most recently paired.

Many motor vehicles today maintain a different environment profile based on the key used to operate the vehicle . These profiles often include seat and mirror positions for example. The solution described in this patent is to pass the key identifier to the Bluetooth system, who will select the Bluetooth profile priority order based on the key supplied.

A Bluetooth system in a motor vehicle requires a registration event to occur, where the occupant manually pairs their phone handset to the Bluetooth system. This is typically only done once for each vehicle/phone handset combination.

In this new solution, when the phone handset is paire...