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In-flight Incoming Passenger Cards Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243883D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-26
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Disclosure is a method to allow passengers travelling by aircraft to use the in-flight touch screen to digitally submit arrival forms before landing.

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--flight Incoming Passenger Cards

flight Incoming Passenger Cards

According to statistics from the Australian government in 2013-2014, there were 16.35 million arrivals in Australia meaning an equivalent amount of Incoming Passenger Cards (IPC) processed. We can assume the number of cards printed is greater than this number when spares are taken into account.

This invention is to solve the mass amount of printing/paper used for arrival cards (applicable to countries outside Australia such as the U.S.) whilst improving the border control's efficiency.

Australian Bureau of Statistics. 2014. 3401.0 - Overseas Arrivals and Departures, Australia, Jun 2014 . [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed05 December 14].


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By utilizing the in-flight entertainment touch screen system, passengers can fill in a digital version of the IPC. The seat number and passport number of the user can help prefill certain details on the form. The passport number can then be used to bring up the form when the Border Control officer scans the passenger's passport.


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Using this system will greatly cut down the amount of paper and ink (both from printing and passengers filling it out). While removing the need for flight attendants to hand out the cards towards the end of the flight, passengers will be able to fill in the form at anytime during the course of the flight. As content is not as limiting on a touch screen as opposed to an actual card, help tips are available to users if they get stuck.


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As the Border Control processing is quite slow on arrival to Australia, digitizing the IPC will allow each passenger to be processed faster. By scanning the passenger's passport, the form along with other travel information is shown and analyzed. Another advantage is that there can be a full digital copy of the form for record keeping. All the information can be stored in structured data as per government needs.


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1. During the course of the flight, the user has the ability on the in-flight entertainment touch screen to submit an IPC form.


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2. The following fields from the IPC are prefilled. For security, the user must enter their passport number which is matched with their seat number.


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- Family/surname


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- Given names


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- Passport number


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- Flight number or name of ship


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- Today's...