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Encapsulated Air to Water Cooled Heat Sink Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243887D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-26
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Method of enabling an existing air-cooled heatsink for water cooling.

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Encapsulated Air to Water Cooled Heat Sink

During bring up of a system, it is often useful to run the machine with the covers removed to allow access to components within the chassis. Unfortunately, removing the covers usually also compromises the air cooling paths within the machine. This can cause the system to overheat during bring up activities. The disclosed method and system would allow a user to shroud the air cooled heat sink with a flexible water cooled enclosure to allow temporary or long term water cooling of air cooled parts. Other working fluids could also be used such as a dielectric fluid that is compatible with electronic components.

Air cooled heat sink technology is somewhat limited by the characteristics of the working fluid. The disclosed system allows users of air cooled heat sinks to attach a water cooled jacket over the air cooled heat sink. Many servers are developed with optimized air cooling design. Occasionally an increase in power requirements drives the need for water cooling options for the processors in these servers. Developing a water cooled server retrofit from an optimally air cooled server has not only a lengthy design and qualification process, but can be prohibitively expensive. This disclosure advises a method to hybridize air cooled servers with a water cooled option that utilizes all the existing air cooled hardware and heat sinks.

A flexible enclosure is placed over the air cooled heat sink. Once installed, a sealant is...