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Variable screen unlock for mobile device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243911D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-28
Document File: 4 page(s) / 83K

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This patent provide a useful way to mobile screen unlock. User could unlock screen with alternative ways by a rotating object on screen. This could help user to keep secrect in public place.

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Variable screen unlock for mobile device

Mobile screen lock has become common today, people always draw a symbol on screen to unlock, this is very convenient.

But it also bring some security problem in public place, others could even guess the unlock symbol even by your finger movement , and if you also use the unlock symbol in other place, such as payment, it could cause

economic loss.

So this patent aims to resolve such problem by providing a variable screen unlock mechanism.

Our patent providing a method to display a rotating object on screen when user want to unlock screen, as it rounding all then time, so only user own could know what he draws on the screen when unlock, even other people see the finger movement, they still can't guess what's the unlock symbol, because they don't know the detail screen structure when user draw unlock symbol.

   The most common scenario is users want to unlock the screen or important app such as payment type by drawing predefined pattern. But current pattern is static and easy to be caught by others nearby or even from the screen traces.

To overcome this common issue, our invention contains below parts:

(1) The unlock pattern is on the side of a cube.

(2) The cube can be rotated to any angle when user put two fingers or similar actions.

(3) User can choose whether any side can unlock.

(4) The user predefined pattern may have some change, when the cube rotated to some angle.
(5) User can choose to let the cube has a random angle e...