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A new display method for GPS-Positioned cars on maps Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243913D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-28
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This article demonstrates a new display method for GPS-Positioned cars on maps. By using this method the GPS-Positioned cars are displayed by its real picture on maps. This method can be applied in many fields, e.g. logistics, city traffic system and taxi calling application to improve user experience greatly. Namely, the end user can get the car information, e.g. color, model, brand and number on maps quickly and exactly.

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A new display method for GPS

A new display method for GPS-

--Positioned cars on maps Positioned cars on maps

Today, GPS has been applied in many fields, such as logistics, city traffic system, etc. The route of the positioned cars can be traced on the map clearly. But the cars are always displayed by a unified image, e.g. a standard car image which it is shown in the below image. This image is from one special taxi application in mobile, on the map the user can see that the called special taxi is being driven to him , it is 2 kilometers away from he and it takes 2 minutes to reach his location. Such standard car image reduces the user experience greatly, because there are many cars being driven to him in the street, how the user can choose out the correct car in his near quickly? The method in this article just makes this happen!

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The core idea of this method is that the GPS-Positioned cars are displayed not by unified car image but by different real car pictures on maps. When the user clicks on those real car images, the images become bigger automatically, so that the user can obtain more information



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of the cars intuitively, like color, model, brand and number and so on, even some personalized decorations of the cars(researches show that image memory is more clearly than verbal memory). After that, the user can fix the displayed car on the map in his near easily and quickly, that is to say, if the car on the map is red with a black r...