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Multi-Dimensional Experience Based Resource Assignment Analytics Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243921D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-28
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Disclosed is a resource assignment solution that assists Sales Transactions Support (STS) by quickly identifying the best person for the request in a high volume, decentralized environment by matching significant elements of the request to the experience of the individual staff.

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-Dimensional Experience Based Resource Assignment Analytics

Dimensional Experience Based Resource Assignment Analytics

Sales Transactions Support (STS) plays an essential role in supporting the many pre-sales and post sales needs of a company's (i.e. manufacturer or service provider) sellers, business partners, and clients around the world. Whether helping the Seller develop a proposal or qualify a reference during the pre -sales process, or managing the post-sales order and invoice process, STS touches literally thousands of transactions every day.

In the current business environment, diverse job roles and skill sets spread across multiple countries and geographies. There is an increasing need to be flexible with the STS resources that provides the service while simultaneously maintaining the same high level of support from a well-matched resource.

The novel contribution is a method and system to assign STS resources to a request from a company's sellers. The goal is to assign a seller request to the best sales support specialist, focusing on speed and responsiveness. This starts with identifying a relevant population to be considered for the request . Next, the method identifies the best support resource match based on the attributes of the request and the experience of the resources with that combination of multi -dimensional attributes.

Conventional assignment generally uses a profile- based assignment. The drawback is that more than one resource havi...