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Employee auto alert engine

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243962D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-02
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Abstract: Disclosed is a manner which helps in alerting employees with the meeting information when their status is unavailable as per the email client they configured and the chat messenger. The system also alerts about the last day of the action required items that were sent via email.

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Employee auto alert engine


Current meeting alert system requires employees to be in front of the computer or configure email clients on their smart phones. Employees who are out of office may want to attend select meetings but have no visibility to the exact time of the meeting. They have no reminder alert facility at this time. Emails with deadlines get missed out when employee is out of office. Employees who are offline due to system issues or other reason miss out on meeting alerts.


A centralized system to send alerts to employees mobile phones in case of a meeting. The alerts can be simple text messages or other alert formats. This is based on employee choice to subscribe to this system.

Organizations maintain a central engine OAE(Out-of-Office Alert Engine) that sends mobile alerts based on end user preferences.

End users to be provided with a control panel to configure preferences in EAS(Employee Alert System)

Central engine OAE is integrated with email and internal chat services

Central engine OAE picks up the status such as Out of Office (from email server) Offline status (from internal chat server), leaves entered in HRIS and matches with the preferences set by employees and sends mobile and email alerts as required

Central engine OAE also monitors the last date of the mandatory action required emails and notifies in the form of mobile alerts to the employee based on his configure preferences

The proposed solution does not require...