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Professional Savvy email Calendar

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243963D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-02
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Abstract: When the person tries to schedule a call/meeting/appointment with the client / users who are in different time Zone, it is difficult to know their available timings unless the best time to reach is shared. Disclosed is a technique/method to integrate with email accounts and get the exact time zone data and dynamically populate “Host” Time zone versus “Attendee” time zone and perform analytics on the same to draw some useful trends that help Business organizations.

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Professional Savvy email Calendar


• When there is a client appointment based out in a different time zones and if the client is using the same email account , by typing the name in the schedule calendar/meeting invite will Auto Populate a graphical representation which shows the current time zone, attendee availability, local time zone of the chairperson/Host details in it.

• Consolidated pie chart/Bar chart/any other Pictorial representation which will give the "time zone" versus "attendance count" of the participants for the meeting.

• Even with all the above said systems in place, there might still be some conflicts with some participant's calendar when scheduling a meeting. Performing analytics on time zone and then Identify the location/Business unit with maximum participation and identify the Max/Min responses represented pictorially which helps take the right decision to continue with meeting or schedule it differently.

• Integrate the Meeting system with Time tracking system to auto update the labor code because users / employees may not be able to remember it during submission of Timesheets which are essential during any Project.

• The Analytics report generated based on participation and Subject of the meeting in which the users participated and this can also help compare the engagement levels of the team/Department/Business unit and the company/Business organization as a whole. This helps draws conclusion on any learning's/ Trainin...