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Dynamic Queing with Community Based Support for a Chat Support System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243965D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-02
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With the growth in number of Users connecting to the internet and easy accessiblity of Internet Enabled devices there seems to have been a massive change in the way people communicate. Chat has become a very convinient way to communicate between two individuals and also a group of people. Businesses too are adapting to this change and one of the first changes we can see is how Internet based Support is fast replacing Phone support systems. This disclosure defines a Chat system that has User Queuing options with a First come First Server policy like the traditional Phone and Chat support systems. However in addition to this it also provides an option for the users to Move up a Queue by Answering Questions posted by other users who are ahead in the Queue.

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Dynamic Queing with Community Based Support for a Chat Support System

    One of the best ways to reduce Support costs for any Product or Service is to promote Community Based Support and enable users to help each other. This will greatly reduce the impact on Traditional Support systems such as Phone , email or Phone support. Currently Organizations try to promote community based support by incentivizing users in the form of Virtual Points or a title based system. Though successful to a certain extent there is still a large portion of questions that end up answered by an official Support Representative.

This addresses this problem by providing a way to get faster support while at the same time reducing support costs by promoting community based answering.

In a Chat Support System Users are asked to Enter their Contact Details and a brief Description of the Problem or Query they might have. They are then entered in to a Chat Queue and wait for an available Chat Support Agent to chat with this Customer. In a high Traffic Environment this Chat Queue can get pretty Long and Customers might have to wait for a Considerable amount of time.

This Disclosure gives an option for the Customer waiting in the Queue to Move up the Queue by Providing answers to other Customer Queries.

It also helps the Companies reduce Support costs by Encouraging Community based Support.

The disclosure is a Chat Support System with a Dynamic Queue. This is a system where users are waiting to be serviced by Support Executives of a Company / Vendor / Organization. The disclosure provides an option for the users to see other User Chat Requests in the Queue. They can choose to Provide answers to other Requests if the answer is accepted by the other user. They are no longer part of the Queue and their Position in the Queue is taken up by User who has answered the Question.

- A Dynamic Queue that changes as the Users Answer Questions

- Encourage Community Based Support by giving immediate rewards for Answers ( The User can move up the Queue)

The Chat Mechanism Consists of a Chat Support Agent Interface , a Chat Entry Point and a Chat Queue System.

The Chat Entry Point is a link in the Website through which users can initiate a Chat Request. Once a Chat is Initiated the user is added to the Chat Queue and waits for a Chat Support Agent to answer the Quer...