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Copy+Paste=Save. Yes it is true! Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243966D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-02
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The purpose is to make Copy/Paste/Save a userfriendly function for any context, be it text/image/web page etc. This functionality would help the users to save lot of time and to avoid completely in opening a new document to save the copied content.

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Copy+Paste=Save. Yes it is true!

This is to save more time and making much more user friendly when copy/paste anything from your system. Until now, computers never had an option of copying a text and pasting it as a document of any format into any format. Interesting part is, the new functionality can paste in the destination folder where the user want to have the document saved, without even opening another document to paste the content in it and then save it to the destination folder.

With this functionality, user can copy any text/image/web page etc from any source location and have that pasted into your destination folder. So, when user paste the content which was copied earlier, it should prompt dialogue box asking in which format the content needs to be saved. This works for users and helps them when copy/pasting the reports/data or for that matter any content and without even opening another document, users can have that pasted to the respective document in that format and have that saved in the destination folder. For example, when users are dealing with confidential information, it need not have to be pasted on a new document again. User can simply save the copied content using paste option, which would even save the confidentiality of the information for privacy purpose.

Users can follow the below steps for copy/paste & save:

Step 1: Copy the content from the source location

Fig 1.0

Step 2: Paste the content which was copied in the destination folder w...