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Emergency Evacuation Plan in Mobile Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243978D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-03
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Emergency Evacuation Plan in mobile, which displays the evacuation plan, alerts the users based on the room temperature and also gives the shortest path to exit in emergency situation with voice enabled plan

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Emergency Evacuation Plan in Mobile Motivation:

· It is difficult for a person to know the emergency exists or emergency evacuation plans in emergency situations such as Fire accidents, Earth quakes, etc.

· In Big shopping malls, Movie Theaters, Huge buildings displays the emergency evacuation plan but no one bothers or no one looks at this plan.

· In emergency situations such as Fire accidents, Earth quakes everyone just follow the person who is running in front of us to exit from the building, but not sure whether that person is moving in the correct direction or not.

· It is difficult to remember the evacuation plan.

· If Emergency Evacuation Plan for the entered building, shopping mall, movie theater, or any other building exists in our mobile, it could save our time, save our life in emergency situations.


· On entering into the shopping malls, buildings, theaters or any closed crowded areas an alert will be sent to the person's mobile requesting him to download evacuation plan.

· Through Shopping mall or Building Wi Fi, emergency evacuation plan can be downloaded to mobiles as an App.

· Choice will be given to the users whether to download the plan in their mobiles or not.

· Upon downloading the plan, using the GPS system which is in shopping mall, building, user movements, navigation is displayed in their mobiles.

· At the time of emergency automatically the system will trigger and sent the signal/alarm to all the mobiles inside the bui...