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System and Method for Including Route Guidance Based on Passenger Composition Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244001D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-04
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Disclosed is a system and method for determining route guidance based on non-driver payload composition. Routing decisions and changes can be made based on the quantity and make-up of passengers in a vehicle, or based on identified pieces of vehicle payload.

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System and Method for Including Route Guidance Based on Passenger Composition

Route guidance, suggested destinations, intermediate locations could all be influenced by determining what kind of passenger is traveling in the vehicle or, further, exactly who they are.

If car senses occupied car-seat in backseat, add intermediate location of day-care when driver indicates destination of work.

If car senses 2-5 adult passengers leaving from work, suggest good business lunch places are destinations.

If car senses teenage driver with several teenage passengers, avoid accident/speeding prone areas that could be non-optimal for a (potentially distracted) inexperienced driver.


Recommending destinations given passenger configuration (with known and unknown details of detected passengers)

Saves the vehicle operator time for inputting destinations

How one could identify passenger configuration:

    Passenger Identity - Can identify passengers by presence and location of key (a married couple is going out to dinner and both have keys that are present; one can identify who is driving and who is riding.) Bluetooth* in a smart phone could be picked up by a GPS device and used to exchange identity information (such as from a social media profile).

    Passenger Makeup - Weight sensors (like the type for the "put your seat belt on" lights). Fine tuning the weights if located in all seats, one could distinguish between car-seat (<20lbs) and child (20lbs -50lbs), teenager (60-11...