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The method to dynamically find the target app

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244016D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-05
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Smartphone is widely used today, people installs a lots of apps on the mobile device for use, now the operating system user interfaces are becoming cluttered with so many application icons, people begin to have the annoyance how to find appropriate app they would like to use quickly? Now the the general solution is to group icons together to one folder or to spread icons over multiple virtual screens, but still you need think about and turn pages to find the app, there are also below prior arts to address the issue, these methods can resolve the issue with certain criteria under special situation, they are not a general multiple dimensions solution

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The method to dynamically find the target app

Our disclosure is to provide smart and easy use method to find your target app quickly. Dynamically method to find the target app with only few slips.

Let's see below typical scenarios:

1. You want to launch an app which in your memory is the RED icon and you don't use it often.

2. You have different requirements under different circumstances.

People always has the primary impression of the icon color of an app, so you need the app icon are grouped by colors.

From the perspective of usage frequency, you need the icons are grouped by usage frequency.

For well arranged apps, you need the apps are well categorized according their category.

Our method is to dynamically find and automatically group app icons with certain defined characters.

Characters are including but not limited to: color, usage frequency, category.

Below graphic shows a scenario that user want search apps which icon with more blue color. He touch the screen, select character "Color", then select blue area.

All apps that contain color blue will be shown and sorted by how much blue color they have.


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However user can select more than one character with multiple selection inside the selected characters.

There are below 3 claim points:

1. Dynamically combine multiple characters, find/sort target app on a device.

2. Use characters, such as color, category and frequency, to sort the icons.

3. Use color to categorize/find/sort icon.

Color can be...