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Personalized collaborative format editor/reader Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244017D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-05
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In this invention, we provide the smarter method to let multiple users have the ability to view the share documentation with user's preferred way. And, the original format is also preserved, the users' changes won't damage the original documentation's format and the user's preferrence setting could locate on cloud side or client side. Moreover, the users can merge their changes into the initial copy of the original document.

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Personalized collaborative format editor

Personalized collaborative format editor/

People have different preference when editing/reading doc. But when they are working on a shared doc, it is hard to let everyone edit/read in his favorite way.

E.g. User A and user B are working on a shared doc. User A likes font Arial with size 10, but font Roman with size 9 is user B's favorite. When user A and B edit/read the shared doc, it can only be saved/presented in one way.

Our idea is to keep the initial format untouched but users could have their own preference format when reading and editing the documents . The preference could locate on cloud side or clients side.

This invention discloses a method to apply personalized profile into shared doc when they are presented/edited in client side. The doc in client side can be presented and edited in user's favorite format, and the change can still be merged into the server side .

For server side doc, it will store the initial format, and defines the action that can be applied to the format of this doc. E.g. Increase/decrease font size, highlight/de-highlight current selection. And client side profile will keep the detailed definition of each action. E.g. highlight action in client A is defined as bold and highlight action is client B is defined as underline.

For shared doc, server side will store the info about initial format and the action history applied to this doc. When user is loading it in client side, the invention will calculate the detailed format according to the personal profile defined at client side.

This invention has several advantages. 1) Multiple users can view the shared document in their preferred way 2) the format of the document is still preserved 3) Users can merge their changes into the initial copy of the document.

Claim points:

1. Keep the documents initial format untouched on cloud when reading and editing documents

2. Users have their own preference format when reading and editing (format editing) the documents.

3. The preference format could exist either server formatting or client formatting.




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For shared document xxx.doc, user A, user B and user C are working on it collaborative. The initial format is font size 10, and this doc allows change...