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Name tagging information from SNS storing in EXIF when taking a picture Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244018D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-05
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After taking the pictures form the camera or other devices, the users still need to organize the pictures when importing into the computer. Our invention is to provide the smarter mothod that enables the face recongnization when taking the pictures, and then store the related information into EXIF (EXchangeable Image File format) of the images immediately which gather from SNS (Social Network Site). Through this way, it's more easy to share the pictures with other users, and the users don't need to spend lots of time to classify the pictures.

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Name tagging information from SNS storing in EXIF when taking a picture

Modern portable electronic communications devices, such as smart phones, are equipped with the digital camera. Incorporation of cameras into portable electronic devices has eased the process of capturing digital images of friends and families and accordingly has resulted in large expansion in the amount of images a user takes. In an attempt to organize this abundance of images, users have to classify each image based on the persons depicted in the image. It

will be very helpful it we can find a way to classify the picture based on name tagging information, so the user will be able to find the target pictures fast and also be able to classify the picture easily.

As we know, SNS (Social Network Site) is very popular recently, these Social Network Sites hold huge pictures Database, and these pictures can be easily be associated with persons' name information which saved by SNS, it will be very useful if we can utilize these SNS information to clarify and tag the pictures. On the other hand, as users used to download some pictures from a social network site to save pictures locally as a copy, but user will lost the inhered contact name/URL (Uniform Resource Locator) information on SNS as they just download the picture directly. And after a period of time, user can not remind the details about the pictures as the pictures are lack of contact name information, hence it will be very helpful if we can save some more useful SNS (contact name, Uniform Resource Locator of a person and face thumbnail) information into EXIF (EXchangeable Image File format) while taking a picture, then the problem will be fixed in the very beginning, all the pictures are well saved with useful SNS information, in that case, the pictures will be managed and consumed easily.

The core idea of our invention is to add the tagging information from SNS storing into EXIF when taking a picture. While the user is taking a picture, the method will get the information (SNS Uniform Resource Locator of person, Contacts name and face thumbnail, etc) from Social Network Site. If the content...