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App Builder for creating globalized mobile / web apps Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244019D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-05
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This article describes the architecture of an application for visually designing mobile apps. The architecture combines several globalization (g11n) features, so that users of the application will be able to create globalized mobile apps without the need for globalization knowledge.

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App Builder for creating globalized mobile / web apps

What is App Builder: currently there exist many solutions for creating web / mobile apps, normally users can build the app without any programming skill, which can develop app rapidly and intuitively.

However, none of those app builders can create a globalized and localized app.

Example of an App Builder

Here we describes an architecture for a Globalized App Builder. Users can not only drag& drop to layout the GUI, but also make a globalized and localized app instantly.

The architecture consists of 3 parts as our own components, G11n Service, G11n GUI Widgets, and App Builder which makes a rapid creation of globalized and localized app (the brown components) and also interlock with existing GUI widgets and translation services.


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1. Drag& drop to layout the GUI as WYSIWYG

2. Make a globalized & localized app instantly

3. Handle g11n behaviors as backend services (collation, profile and push)

App Builder:

The app builder provides a preference page for all created apps, the preferences can be stored locally or on the cloud, which allows user to select the preferred locale and GUI languages. The selection of cultural preferences is also available when the app has corresponding GUI (graphical user interface)

widgets e.g. Temperature, Distance, Paper Size2 etc

The preference page in the builder is like below:


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G11n GUI Widgets:

In addition to standard GUI controls, the G11n widgets include:

1. Culturally sensitive formats (date, numbers)

2. Culturally customizable measurement units (temperature, distance etc)

3. Localized Address Input (Address format for various countries)

4. Sortable Lists / Tables which use ecma402 when present, but fall back to server-based sorting as needed

Example Address Fields which layouts based on user region



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G11n Services:

The G11n services are to handle the g11n behavior, which include:

1. Collation service (for use with the absence of ecma402)

2. Storage of user cultural preferences

3. Globalized push notific...