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Text Analytics for Agile Project Updates Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244020D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-05
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Providing status updates to project managers can be time consuming, counter-productive, and inefficient. This solution aims to provide project managers with real-time status updates which are captured by analysing various communication feeds, such as email, chat, forums, online activities, etc.

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Text Analytics for Agile Project Updates

Background and Problem Statement

Usually status updates are provided on a daily basis, for example : daily scrum meetings (when following the Agile project management methodology. )

    There are often times when daily updates are not sufficient and much more regular updates are required, for example when working to resolve a Critical Situation for a Customer. This may result in more status meetings.

    Project Managers can spend a large amount of time creating project status reports. Please see the heading entitled 'Project Management - Status Report' at

    According to Atlassian**, employees spend 31 hours in unproductive meetings, and most employees are attending 62 meetings a month. They also state that unnecessary meetings are costing US businesses $37 Billion per year!

    When a team works closely together on a project they often provide regular updates to each other via email, online chat, forums and activities. They need to do this so they can collaborate effectively together. For example, a developer will often tell a tester that a critical piece of code is now ready to be tested, or a developer will often tell another developer that he has finished changing the piece of code that they are waiting on.

    This means that they are often just repeating themselves when they are providing status updates to the project manager.

    Providing unnecessary regular status updates to project managers interrupts the work that the team is doing, and can drastically reduce the speed at which the team can deliver their objectives.

This solution aims to automatically provide project managers with real-time project status updates.

    It analyses a Detailed Project Plan, including the Tasks, Deliverable, Resources assigned to the Tasks, and the Start and End Dates of the Tasks.

    It also analyses the various communication feeds of the Resources on the Plan, during the times they are scheduled to be working on the various Tasks. These communication feeds can include email, chat, forums, online activities, tweets, etc. It can also analyse who the Receiver is and may disregard the communication if they are not a Resource on the Plan.

    It then performs text analytics to match the terms in the Plan with the terms in the communication feeds.

It derives status updates in real time from the relevant communications.

    It also utilises quantitative risk analytics to provide insight into how the project is doing and forecasting the risks utilising the collected data.

    These updates and risks can be relayed to the Project Manager, or they can be used to automatically update the Project Plan.

Known Solutions and Drawbacks

    There are quite a few known solutions that can be used to track the progress of a project and which enable interested parties to gather status updates as they require them.

However these do not capture project...