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System and Method for weighing income and living cost across locations Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244036D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-06
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Proposed is a web-based system for weighing income opportunities, living costs and additional costs, such as social benefits, across locations that utilizes various sources of data.

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System and Method for weighing income and living cost across locations

Living expenses as well as income opportunities are quite different in different areas (cities, regions, countries). Moreover, the ratio between the two also varies significantly .

Consequently it is e.g. not directly possible to compare job offers in different locations . And vice versa, when relocating to a particular place one is not able to estimate the income needed to preserve the current standard of living .

Aspects as impact on pension plans, taxation, quality of living, social and cultural life need to be taken in account to make a decision for or against a particular region or job .

Today neither real estate portals nor career platforms nor tax or pension calculators provide a single source for decision making . To solve the problem described we propose a unified decision-making support system that incorporates multiple data sources combined with a user profile. The user profile consists of the current situation (salary, location) of the user and defined criteria.

Data sources could be statistics as published by governments (Mietspiegel, Warenkorb), open data communities (such as wikidata), real estate information portals, social media, or employer rating platforms providing income opportunities .

The user defines which criteria are to be taken into account and prioritizes them . Based on this the system suggests further related criteria which other users have defined in the past.

Criteria could be e.g. leisure activities, cultural offerings, educational institutions, public transportation.

The system offers following use cases:

Rate a given job offer

Estimate the required income in a given location
"The best place to be" - determine the place that matches the user -defined criteria best. The system could be implemented as a mobile application and /or web portal. The data sources are integrated via dedicated adaptors combined with dedicated sets of rules that define how the accessed data affects the rating of a given job or location.

The rules are evaluated using a rule processing engine such as JBoss Rules or IBM WebSphere ODM. The criteria the user can select are predetermined...