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System In Package SiP Optical FPGA Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244044D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-09
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This disclosure system in package SiP optical FPGA

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System in Package oFPGA Patent Concept Disclosure

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Prior Art


  The IC is connected to the Photonic Transceiver Cage Socket through the PCB


  The IC is connected to the Photonic Transceiver Socket through the PCB


  The IC is connected to the Photonic Transceiver Socket which is mounted on the IC package and is connected by the package traces

  Power is lower than Embedded or Pluggable, but still requires full power transceiver design on both IC and Photonic Transceiver


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What are the novelty

  By utilizing the Silicon Bridge technology, a custom photonic transceiver Chip or 3D Stack can connect to the IC via low power buffer using the an interface reducing the overall power and package size. This would also enable having all components under the package lid; therefore, a System in Package (SiP) implementation.

Photonic XCVR


Organic substrate w/ embedded Si bridge

Cut Away of lid showing approximate location of Photonic Transceiver Chip

Concept for all components under the lid (SiP)


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What problems it will solve

  Reduces power required to send data to photonic transceiver

  Enables the capability to eliminate redundant circuits in the Photonic Transceiver Module and IC

  Reduces overall Device Package size (>20% reduction)


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What products, if any, wil...