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The Complete Guide to the SAS Output Delivery System

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Original Publication Date: 1999-Dec-31
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SAS Institute Inc.

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The Complete Guide to the SAS® Output Delivery System

Version 8

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The correct bibliographic citation for this manual is as follows: SAS Institute Inc., The Complete Guide to the SAS® Output Delivery System, Version 8, Cary, NC: SAS Institute Inc., 1999. 310 pp.

The Complete Guide to the SAS® Output Delivery System, Version 8

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1st printing, November 1999
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4 Getting Started with the Output Delivery System 3


What Is the Output Delivery System? 3
Creating Listing Output 4
Creating Printer Output 4
Creating HTML Output 6
Identifying Output Objects 8
Selecting Output Objects to Send to ODS Destinations 10

Creating an Output Data Set 12

Storing Links in the Results Folder 14

Customizing Procedure Results 16

Chapter 2

      4 Basic Concepts of the Output Delivery System 21 Creating Output with ODS 21

ODS Destinations 23

Using Selection and Exclusion Lists 23

Understanding Some HTML Basics 30

HTML Links and References 31

Files Produced by the HTML Destination 36

Customizing ODS Output 41

P A R T 1 Introduction 1
Chapter 1

P A R T 2 Reference 45
Chapter 3

      4 The ODS Statements 47 Overview 47

What Does Each ODS Statement Do? 48

Examples 73

Chapter 4

      4 Using the Output Delivery System in the DATA Step 105 Overview 105

Statement Syntax for Use with ODS 105

Examples 114

Chapter 5

      4 The TEMPLATE Procedure 131 Overview 131

Concepts 132

Procedure Syntax 156

Examples 233

P A R T 3 Appendices 273

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Appendix 1 Alternative ODS HTML Statements for Running Examples in Different Operating Environments 275
Using an OS/390 UNIX System Services HFS Directory for HTML Output 275

Using an OS/390 PDSE for EBCDIC HTML Output 275

Using an OS/390 PDSE for ASCII HTML Output 276

Using CMS to Create EBCDIC HTML Output 276

Using CMS to Create ASCII HTML Output 277

Appendix 2

4 SAS Programs 279