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SAS Procedures Guide

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Original Publication Date: 1999-Dec-31
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SAS Institute Inc.

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SAS® Procedures Guide, Version 8

Volume 1

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The correct bibliographic citation for this manual is as follows: SAS Institute Inc., SAS ® Procedures Guide, Version 8, Cary, NC: SAS Institute Inc., 1999. 1729 pp.

SAS® Procedures Guide, Version 8

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1st printing, October 1999
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4 Choosing the Right Procedure 3

Functional Categories of Base SAS Procedures 3 Report-Writing Procedures 4
Statistical Procedures 5
Utility Procedures 7
Brief Descriptions of Base SAS Procedures 9

Chapter 2

      4 Fundamental Concepts for Using Base SAS Procedures 15 Language Concepts 16

Procedure Concepts 18

Chapter 3

      4 Statements with the Same Function in Multiple Procedures 67 Overview 67

Statements 68

P A R T 2 Procedures 81

Chapter 4

      4 The APPEND Procedure 83 Overview 83

Procedure Syntax 83

Chapter 5

      4 The CALENDAR Procedure 85 Overview 86

Procedure Syntax 91

Concepts 109

Results 119

Examples 120

Chapter 6

      4 The CATALOG Procedure 155 Overview 155

Procedure Syntax 156

Concepts 166

Results 170

Examples 170

Chapter 7

      4 The CHART Procedure 177 Overview 177

Procedure Syntax 182

Concepts 195


P A R T 1 Concepts 1
Chapter 1

Changes and Enhancements xi

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Results 195

Examples 196

References 209

Chapter 8

      4 The CIMPORT Procedure 211 Overview 211

Procedure Syntax 212

Results 217

Examples 217

Chapter 9

      4 The COMPARE Procedure 221 Overview 221

Procedure Syntax 225

Concepts 236

Results 240

Examples 251

Chapter 10

       4 The CONTENTS Procedure 267 Overview 267

Procedure Syntax 267

Chapter 11

       4 The COPY Procedure 269 Overview 269

Procedure Syntax 269

Concepts 270

Example 270

Chapter 12

       4 The CORR Procedure 273 Ove...