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Publication Date: 2015-Nov-10
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A primary goal in the design of an automotive sliding side door is to achieve a convenient and safe method of opening and closing the door to allow access to a vehicles rear cabin area. Many different types of mechanisms and styles are available to perform this function, including manual and powered operation. It is common for vehicle sliding side door motion to be powered by electric motors. Also, operation of a powered sliding side door, by pressing a button on a vehicle's key fob, is common in some vehicles. In all cases some form of device must be moved or touched in order to open the door.

A method is proposed of automatically opening a sliding side door of a vehicle includes capturing by a sensor arrangement data indicative of a position and movement or gesture of an expected vehicle passenger prior to the expected vehicle passenger coming in physical contact with the vehicle. The method further includes a movement or gesture, pre-defined and enacted by a vehicle passenger that is based on position and movement data.

     A vehicle sensor system and at least one controller compare a vehicle passenger's movements to data stored in memory using advanced image processing techniques. If a vehicle passenger's movement reasonably matches one of the activation patterns stored in memory, at least one controller activates the sliding side door open process.

     Movement data representing a gesture command, stored in a vehicles memory can have a default pattern that a vehicle operator would reenact to open a vehicles sliding side door. This movement data gesture command can be selectable through a vehicle...