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Failed Rotor Detection Method for Simple Fan Controllers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244135D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-12
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Described is a method to improve the reporting structure of fan tachometers in very low-end electronics systems. Furthermore, this method provides valuable information regarding failure states of fans previously unobtainable in such low-end systems.

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Failed Rotor Detection Method for Simple Fan Controllers

Low-end servers typically use low-end and low-price fan control modules. These modules are important for the operation of the fan control code and responsible for maintaining many system standards. These standards include energy star requirements and reliability and system integrity during various system fails. Despite having these hefty requirements, these controllers often have very limited function. One example of these limits is the maximum number of tachometer values that a controller can store is significantly less than the number of tachometer values classically reported in a system. The method currently used to determine fan function is to filter the "high" value and only report the "lowest" value between two grouped fans. When used in a counter-rotating fan, this is usually acceptable until one rotor fails, in which the controller reports a value of zero regardless of the other rotor's fan speed. The reason this is a big problem is because there now becomes no way to tell if both rotors have failed, and typical system requirements can be violated without the system supplier or the customer knowing. Two main embodiments are described below:
1. Multi-rotor fans would report the summation of the RPM between the rotors. System can detect a single rotor fail when outside of a given percentage of target RPM. System can detect a second rotor fail when reported RPM is near zero. Required fan pinout also de...