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Present Tab Controls for Video and Audio Chapters in a Media Player Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244137D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-12
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Described is a way for a media player to reveal the availability of the meta-data and make the meta-data accessible in an intuitive way. Chapter and sub-chapter meta-data may or may not be available in a given video, but when it is present, it is usually hidden and not user friendly to view.

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Present Tab Controls for Video and Audio Chapters in a Media Player

Chapters within a multimedia file are not conveniently accessible via media players. Users may not be aware of the existence of chapters (when present in the media file), and accessing them is not intuitive. Make chapters obvious and intuitively accessible to a user by:
1) Alert the user to the existence of the chapters via a brief notification in the upper portion of the video window, directing them to the upper portion of the video window. This notification would overlay the video using half-transparency in the background of the text. The notification text is something like "Hover here to view chapter tabs".

2) When a user hovers their pointing device (mouse, finger, etc.) over the upper portion of the video window, a set of tabs in a "chapter bar", similar to browser tabs, will drop down from the top of the video window vertically. In each tab is the name of one chapter. Selecting one of these tabs will cause the player to immediately jump to that chapter in the media. If the chapter contains sub-chapter information, selecting the tab will instead drop down a vertical list of the sub-chapters, one of which then can be selected to jump to that sub-chapter location. When there are too many chapters to fit horizontally across the video window, provide a combination of abbreviating chapters labels, and a horizontal scrolling ability (similarly known as browser tab scrolling). Likewise, when there...