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GC Test framework

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244140D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-13
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Disclosed is a reusable test framework to facilitate test developing for a Garbage Collector (GC) component in a runtime project.

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GC Test framework

The existing testing solution for a Garbage Collector (GC) component in a runtime project places tests in a language layer, which introduces a large amount of duplication because the runtime project aims to support multiple languages . Adding and maintaining tests in a lower layer are time-consuming and error-prone, due to the complicated nature of the GC component.

The novel solution is a language-agnostic test framework to help write targeted GC tests with lower development costs and higher maintainability.

The test framework is language-agnostic to test as low in the stack as possible to avoid duplicate tests in all the different languages supported. It is able to exercise targeted GC functionality by parsing a user defined configuration file. The configuration file can be used to describe GC options, object patterns (with configurable tree structures and object size), and test success criteria in order to simulate real world environment. To add a new test case, the user only needs to define a test scenario in a configuration file and feed it to the framework.

Figure 1: Language Agnostic Testing


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As shown in Figure1, instead of calling a language Application Programming Interface (API), the test framework directly invokes low layer GC API to trigger the targeted behavior.

Figure 2: GC Test Framework

The configuration file is a visualized way to specify GC test inputs; it can be used to define:


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GC options, such as initial and max memory size Object patterns, such as various object trees for GC to allocate or mutate Test passing criteria
All other kinds of inputs that can affect test results

The file can be defined in any descriptive format, such as Extensible Markup Language (XML) or JavaScript* Object Notation (JSON). The user can test the GC component in a targeted way by creating a specific configuration file . The file can also be automatically generated through diagnostic or debugging tools, such as the Direct Dump Reader (DDR). The test framework can use th...