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Novadyn polyamides for glass fiber reinforced polymer monofilament and fiber and polymer foam applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244146D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-13
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INVISTA has launched Novadyn polyamides transparent polymers that can also be used as differentiated blend additives to improve traditional nylon performance Novadyn polyamides are highly versatile semi aromatic polyamides with a unique combination of performance cost effectiveness and recycled content White papers are attached that cover glass fiber reinforced polymer applications monofilament and fiber applications and polymer foam applications These white papers are also available at the INVISTA Novadyn Polyamide website link http www invista com en polymers novadyn html The white paper related to glass fiber reinforced polymer applications has been uploaded on August 26 2015 while the one related to monofilament and fiber applications has been uploaded on October 23 2015

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A new resin for glass fiber reinforced amorphous polymer solutions: Novadyn™ DT/DI polyamide

Face any of the following challenges? Start a discussion with INVISTA


Novadyn™ DT/DI has very good chemical and stress crack

resistance in many hydrocarbon environments where

Does your application require a combination of

high strength, high stiffness, and good dimensional stability?

Would a high Tg material help maintain properties in temperatures up to 120oC?

Could you benefit from a lower-cost alternative to current transparent nylons?

Does your part need scratch resistance without coating?

Would you like to replace a glass fiber (GF) reinforced polycarbonate with a GF material with very good chemical resistance?

Would you like to replace a GF reinforced high- cost amorphous nylon 12 with a lower-costs

amorphous polyamide?

polycarbonate fails.

With a Tg of 145 oC, Novadyn™ DT/DI maintains stiffness up to 120oC better than traditional nylons.

Novadyn™ DT/DI has better scratch resistance then


Transparent nylons have excellent processability, mold

shrinkage, dimensional stability, molding characteristics, and


Cost effectiveness

INVISTA is committed to becoming the transparent nylon cost

leader, building upon its integrated low-cost raw material


Recycled content

Novadyn™ DT/DI's unique combination of properties is derived

from DYTEK® A Amine, a monomer which is used in many high

performance polyamides. DYTEK® A Amine is typically 99%

pure and manufactured from recovered and refined materials

that would otherwise be burned with heat recovery, giving

Novadyn™ DT/DI at least 43% recycled content.1

Recycled content is defined by ISO 14021, section 7.8.

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Excellent tensile modulus at elevated temperatures

Product comparison (glass fiber reinforced)

Novadyn™ DT/DI


Chemical resistance Very Good


Scratch resistance

Very Good


Strength, stiffness

Very Good


Mold shrinkage

Very Good

Very Good

Heat resistance

Good: Better than other low- cost amorphous polyamides and nylon 6,6

Very Good

Moisture resistance

Beter than tradition nylons

Better than all nylons


Specialty: Lower than other amorphous polyamides

Commodity: Lower than amorphous polyamides

Add glass fiber to boost Novadyn™ DT/DI's mechanical properties…

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