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Method and Apparatus to identify teaching focus for online education Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244150D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-15
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This disclosure disclosures a method and apparatus to identify teaching focus for online education, including the following components: - A focus area identifier module to find the teaching focus area of the teacher in the current blackboard in the video frame or the blackboard outside the video frame. - A speech pattern recognition module to recognize the speech patterns of the teacher. - An advanced video tagging module, replace all reference concepts (e.g., this formula) using the accurate concepts (e.g., the formula E=MC2) . - A automatic memo generating module that generates the memo frame based on the identified teaching focus.

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Method and Apparatus to identify teaching focus for online education

Online education has been very popular recently. Many companies are offering online education videos for students' self-learning (see Figure 1). When students watch the online education video, they need to understand the background to understand the current knowledge, and may want to know the extension knowledge to understand how current knowledge can be used. Displaying the highly related knowledge associated to the teaching focus can greatly improve the learning effectiveness, identifying the teaching focus (the focused content, rather than the focus area) is critical.


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Figure 1. E-Learning Market Trends &Forecast 2014 - 2016 Report, A report by Docebo | March 2014.

In previous work, when the teacher points to somewhere and talking, the system will not display the highlighted area to the audience. This makes the online audience not able to follow the teaching focus as such content may not be included in the current video frame. Figure 2 shows an example, the teacher is pointing to certain part of the blackboard, but he is actually talking about something he has written before (but not included in current frame). The technical challenge is how to find and show the exact


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content the teacher is pointing to or talking about.

Figure 2. Example of teaching focus

To address this challenge, we notice that body gestures of teachers alone are insufficient and inadequate to identify the t...