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Detecting surface wind speed based on wave patterns Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244154D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-16
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A method of determining local water surface wind speed through analysis and categorisation of static wave images taken from an images sensor mounted above the water surface. The results are displayed to a user via an augmented reality display.

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Detecting surface wind speed based on wave patterns

Disclosed is a device for determining wind speed at the surface of a body of water at points surrounding a vessel. When sailing in light, gusty conditions the wind is unpredictable, and a crew need to make adjustments quickly. The required actions can sometimes be predicted watching for specific patterns in the waves ahead, however this requires constant observation, and so gusts cannot always be anticipated. The device will calculate and display the wind speed to a user, providing them with the information they need to make their adjustments.

    Similar ideas such as US8989948B2 [1] focus on predicting the future behaviour of the water surface, for instance for autonomous navigation of ships, rather than calculating and displaying the current wind speed. US8989948B2 also builds a 3D wave model made from multiple images, whereas this idea analyses

individual images for patterns. This is because building a 3D model is significantly more resource intensive, and the improved accuracy would not be a worthwhile trade off for the significant increase in processing time.

    Images of the water surface are taken, and pattern recognition algorithms are used to identify waves with attributes such as height and amount of white foam. Similar systems already exist, such as Heinle et. al. [2], which used pattern

recognition to distinguish between different types of cloud. These metrics can then be used to categorise detected waves as corresponding to...