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Password setting with built in training option Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244182D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-20
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Enforcing memorization of password, due training, during password change procedure.

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Password setting with built in training option

Passwords, while having some limitations, are proven and popular way of securing access for computer systems (and others systems). One of the main security risk being commonly linked with password is that password that are easy to memorize but not necessary secure are tend to be preferred by some users (e.g. Name_birthdate), while it is possible to force some difficulty in password due to built in limitations (e.g. length of the password, forcing to use mix of digits and letters, banning dictionary words, etc) there is a tendency to write down passwords, out of fear of forgetting. The goal is to reduce this fear by helping users memorize the password. There is a multitude of password management systems available but their principle of operation is different - they focus on safe keeping the passwords. In our proposal the password is not stored anywhere, only in the user's memory, but the system helps the user to memorize it so that it is unlikely they will forget it.

The proposed solution is a system that will make it easier for users to memorize password and reduce the fear of forgetting it. The idea is to have a specially tailored password change process, that will ensure that the user learns the password by heart before saving it. In this way we reduce the tendency to write down passwords, which is generally regarded as the weakest point of all the security policies.The proposed solution is a system that will make...