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Anywhere and anytime hand-over of rental bicycle Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244211D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-24
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In this article, a new method of rental and return public bicycle is introduced. In this method, the cellphone is designed as "virtual" public rental station. Using the cellphone, users can exchange the rental information of the bicycle by scanning each other's metro card, so that the hand-over of rental bicycle can be done anywhere and anytime.

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Anywhere and anytime hand

Anywhere and anytime hand-

Today, in many cities, public bicycle rental systems are established to encourage people to lead a low-carbon life. Peop le can rent/return a bicycle at rental stations. Usually, these stations are fixed and the coverage of the stations is limited. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time, even causes extra money to rent/return a bicycle because of the geographic locations or change of route, ect. However, this can happens often in real life: one person wants to rent a bicycle after shopping with a lot of things in hands and has to walk to a rental station. Another person, he just arrives at the supermarket by a rented bicycle, he wants to return the bicycle because he plans to stay long in the supermarket. He also has to go to a rental station to return the bicycle for the sake of the saving money. Imaging that, how amazing that if these two persons could hand over the bicycle right now! The solution in this article can just make this happen! It is possible that the hand-over of the bicycle can be done anywhere and anytime!

The core idea of this solution is using cellphone as "virtual" rental station. Users can exchange the rental information of the bicycle by scanning each other's metro card using the cellphone. Via, for example, Near Field Communication, the cellphone reads out the data of the metro card and sends it to the server of public bicycle rental system. Then, the server updates the rental information. The hand-over process is over.

The below steps demonstr...