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Mobile phone answering preprocessing system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244217D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-24
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This article presents a method of call pre-processing. When a call comes, it'll be pre-processed, only necessary calls come to the user, others are filered out and the user even isn't aware of it.

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Mobile phone answering preprocessing system

We always receive crank calls which are from selling insurance, house agent, Phone Scams, Sale calling everyday. They are very boring, waste our time and use up our telephone bill. How to avoid them? Usually we use black list or white list function of Telephone directory, even though we use mobile application which has Free disturb function. But the crank calls still could come in. We would like to have an answering preprocessing system to filter those crank calls on our mobile.

There is an embedded speech recognition application in mobile operation system. When receiving a coming call, it will accept the call and ask a few questions to identify whether the call is a crank call or not. If yes, it will end the call. If no, it will bring the call to mobile user.

When receive an incoming call, answering preprocessing system will take ownership first. If the call is in phone directory, the system will bring the call to User same as usual. If the call is not in phone directory, answering preprocessing system will start to identify whether the call is crank call or not. The method is that ask a few questions from question bank with user pre-recorded voice or simulate electronic voice. If no correct response, the call is pre-recorded voice. Answering preprocessing system will end the call and push analysis message to screen, such as: telephone advertisement. If get correct response, answering preprocessing system will continue to identify caller identity, family, friend, delivery, salesman. According to user defined policy, the system will bring allowed call to User, display analysis message at the same time. For forbidden call, the system will end the call and display analysis message to User.

Give you an example. This is a call fr...