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Method and system to track questions in online conference meeting Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244221D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-24
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This invention discloses system and method to track individual question in an online conference meeting, related material like slides, document, web resource is built into a shared knowledge center before or among the meeting. When new question is raised, a child window along the multi-chat window is generated to track this question. All related domain experts in the meeting is invited into this question window. In the meanwhile, system will send this question to the knowledge center for answer. Once there is one or more answers/reference. These answers/reference are forwarded to the domain experts. Domain experts can edit and append some comment to the recommended answer. After that, experts forward the answers/reference to question owners. After meeting, questions are archived into the shared knowledge center for further use. If question owner doesn't get the satisfied answers, system can send the questions to domain experts who are not in this meeting for further help.

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Method and system to track questions in online conference meeting

When we enter an online conference meeting, we are often overwhelmed by the lots of messy questions and answers input by different people there. When we read of a sentence in the chat room, it is very hard for us to know which people or previous topics is related to it. For example, if a person raises three questions and some others provide multiple answers to the three questions, it is difficult for one to know which sentence answers which questions. Besides, the administrators or hosts of the conference room are often too busy to handle numerous questions from others in time. All current available solutions are not good enough to address the two problems.

This invention discloses a new method and system to track questions in online conference meeting. System parses the related material provided from the chair/host and build a small knowledge center at the beginning of the chat/meeting or during the chat/meeting. These material can be in many kinds of file formats like PPT, web resource, document and so on.

System monitors the questions raised in the multi-chat window. Once a new question is raised, system will generate a child window along the multi-chat window to track this new question.

At the same time, system will search the knowledge center to find related material and reply this question automatically. If some participants are not interested in the question area, the system will search the experts from staff system. Experts from the question area can confirm, edit the answer provided by the system and make some amendment. Meanwhile, host/chair can assign someone from the participants to answer this question. In this situation, the assignees will be highlighted in this question window.

Once the question owner thinks that he/she gets the satisfied answer, he/she needs to close this question window and end the question life cycle. Advantage:
1. Questions are well tracked in a new window to avoid...