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The system and method of preventing the displayed confidential files being taken picture viciously by an embedded multiple-facets camera. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244239D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-25
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Security issue is drawing more and more attention now. It is easy to take photo of the confidential files displaying on a PC, as now the cameras are all embedded in a phone. The common security protect policies are all based on the authorized people. It is dangerous if these people themselves are “Commercial Spy”. We need a way to protect the confidential files in the server from being taken pictures no matter who has the authority to access these files. The main idea of this invention is to provide a special-designed system to protect the confidential files from candid decryption. This system is consist of the following: 1) A pair of glasses with micro screen/signal transfer units/Red membrane recognition units/Data base interaction units. 2) A display screen agent with signal transfer units/File monitor engine.

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The system and method of preventing the displayed confidential files being taken picture viciously by an embedded multiple

--facets camera

facets camera

facets camera. .

Basic description:

Below is a brief figure of the whole system, mainly contains a special designed glasses and Agent.


1-2. Glasses and Agent identify each other based on the info in the


If an identification failed, then the whole system will stop.

3-4. Glasses keeps identifying the user by pupil in a short interval.


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5. Agent opens a confidential file, display in unreadable format on screen.

6. Agent transfers the display data to Glasses, including the correct display way.

7. The glasses will format the data in the right way and display it in the micro screen.

for Glasses

Below is a time-based procedure

for glasses

Basic procedure



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1) Glasses start and try to identify the agent with the info in the database.

2) Glasses will use its embedded

's pupil

If pass, then Glasses will go into State A,

; If fail, will go to 1).

3) If Glasses are in State A, then in a short interval, it will go to 2). The short interval N is set to a modest value, eg, 0.5 sec. 0.2 sec<N<1 sec

the glasses are now able to receive display data from the Agent

monitor equipment to identify user


f fail, then glasses will restart; if pass, will go to 2)


State A here means

for Agents:

Below is a time-based procedure

for Agents

Basic procedure

1) Agent start.

2) Open confi...