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Continuous Rotation Mic Boom Based on Contactless Connection System

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244247D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-25
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Invention Disclosure

Continuous Rotation MIC Boom based on contactless connection system.

2. Application

Office, consumer, game headsets with 360o continuous rotation feature. The mechanism relies on magnetic inductance, so it is possible to envision other applications, where a module can be attached/removed from the headset. For example, the 360 continuous rotation Mic boom can be removed and reattached as needed from the headset; this feature can be used to eliminate the 'Mute anxiety", by literally removing the MIC boom.


Wireless data transfer, NFC.

Continuous rotation MIC boom.


Some headset designs have the requirement/need to allow for a continuous 360o rotation in order to provide the user with the freedom to turn the MIC boom in whatever direction he/she wants. A direct cable connection between the Mic boom and the headset headband side is not feasible for implementing a continuous 360o rotation, as the cable will twist causing a mechanical failure. As a result, diverse mechanical solutions have been developed to implement the desired 360o degrees rotation feature. However these solutions rely on a physical electrical contact, which can potentially introduce electrical issues.

In this IDF we present a novel mechanism to implement a 360o continuous rotation for Mic boom in headsets. The proposed idea relies on a well-known physics principle of magnetic inductance, such as used in NFC and Wireless Charging applications.

NFC is a mechanism which enables radio communications between two devices located in proximity at a distance of typically 10 cm (3.9 in) or less. Wireless Charging is a technology that enables the transfer of power from a transmitter (Tx) pad toward a receiver (Rx) device. The technology also enables the transmission of data between the two devices. Both NFC and Wireless Charging make use of magnetic inductive coupling.


1. Title of Invention

Field of the Invention:


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With respect to bandwidth capacity to transport audio, today's RF-ID systems use a 1- bit-per-symbol amplitude-shift-keying (ASK) modulation with maximum potential data rate limited to 6.78Mbps. And there have been some recent proposed modulation schemes to increase data rate for NFC applications which will allow to reach data rates up to 20.34Mbps and more (Reference 20.34 Mbps NFC by NXP). So the implementation of a magnetic inductive mechanism to transport audio is feasible.

By combining the communications and power transfer features of magnetic inductive technology, such as the ones used in NFC and Wireless Charging Systems, it is possible to implement a 360o continuous rotation Mic Boom for headsets.


Previous Solutions:

Currently available solutions rely on a mechanical contact to provide endless rotation feature while maintaining electrical contact of needed signals to connect a MIC boom in a headset system.

These approaches may, after repeated use or certain environments, be vulnerable to dirt or dust whic...