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Software Asset Management virtual appliance Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244260D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-26
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Software Asset Management virtual appliance

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Software Asset Management virtual appliance

Virtual environments are commonly used in enterprise and public computer solutions due to efficiency, scalability and low maintenance cost. Cloud computing offers such advantages and provides ability to quickly build large groups of machines and complex environments to address any business need.

Once virtual environment grows and serve for longer period of time, it gets more complex. New software is deployed or uninstalled, old software is upgraded, the business needs are changing which imply many changes in software being used on cloud.

Software asset management (SAM) and license management in cloud environments is complex problem due to: 1. Dynamic provisioning - many machines created or removed on daily basis 2. Diversity of changes - each machines addresses different business or technical need which changes over time
3. Automatic updates - systems can be automatically updated with up-to-date

versions of software, as well as upgrades to servers and computer processing power.

What we want to protect with following disclosure is agentless virtual appliance for software asset management (SAM) based on optimized scanning via hypervisor API. The solution contains following components:

1. SAM virtual appliance which is pre-configured virtual machine for SAM purposes, ready to run on a hypervisor

2. Hypervisor - creates and runs virtual machines 3. Hypervisor API - provides programming interface to access virtual machines running on hypervisor

The main advantage of idea is agentless approach. SAM scans can be performed on each virtual machine running on hypervisor without SAM agent installed on every machine. Proposed agentless approach is optimal for dynamic and diverse virtual environments.

The novelty is in utilization of hypervisor API which allows to perform agentless SAM-specific scans and data collection for software discovery on all virtual machines in hypervisor environment in the way that hypervisor optimize access to shared resources (across virtual machines).

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