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Hi Lok Collar Removal Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244266D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-27
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Hi-Lok Collar Removal Tool: IP.COM


Easy and quick de installation removal of Hi Lok see Fig 1 fastener in clearance fit applications Useof a power driven tool e g electrical tool with battery with a new head which can fix the fastener viainner recess and unscrew the Collar nut

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Easy and quick de-installation/removal of Hi-Lok (see Fig. 1) fastener in clearance fit applications. Use of a power driven tool (e.g. electrical tool with battery) with a new head which can fix the fastener via inner recess and unscrew the Collar/nut.


State of the Art:

In clearance fit applications: If removal of a Hi-Lok (see Fig. 1) is needed it is drilled out manually or turning of Hi-Lok is fixed with a hex key manually and Collar is screwed off manually with a special pair of pliers,


- A basic electrical machine can be used as engine for the new application / the new head (pneumatic would be also possible)

- Special head (see Fig. 2) has to be developed that can grasp round collar (taper geometry, multiple teeth or single knife)


- Put machine with new head over fastener and press button - Hi-Lok fastener is removed quickly and automatically with no further effort of operator - New fastener can be inserted in hole, because no hole and part damages can occur (opposite of current removal process - drilling fastener out)


Fig. 1: Hi-Loks

Fig. 2: New tool head