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A new approach to display interface connection for component based programming

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244275D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-30
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It's a challenge when we working with component based programming (CBP) such as SCA programming model to assemble a very complex diagram showing the relationship across different components. The existing tooling for CBP are lacking of mechanism to indicate the interface information between the service provider and client. It's hard for developer to maintain such rulationship in an assembly diagram considering there are hundreds of links across the diagram. This disclosure introduced a new global-unique visual element named Interface Indicator and a method to render the new visual element. With the paired Interface Indicators, a developer will easily to distinguish the same interface on different component to reduce the complexity of the maintenance.

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A new approach to display interface connection for component based programming

When developing an application following component oriented approach, it's quite common to wire from service client to service provider.

As an implementation of component based programming, when we working with SCA development, we normally work with an assembly diagram on which we need to wire between SCA components to invoke a target service provider from a client component.

When we doing the wire across components, a endpoint reference at client component with the selected interface will be created. The current display implementation of this wire is displayed as a rectangle (represents a reference to a service) and a line connected to an interface endpoint at service provider component. An example is shown as Figure 1.



111..Connected SCA components.

However when we have large number of SCA components connected in an assembly diagram, since all connections are displayed using the same way. If we want to wire to a new version service provider, it's hard to distinguish which is the target interface and partnership.

This disclosure will introduce a new way to display the interface and partnership which can make it easier to maintain the links between SCA components.

The core idea of this disclosure is to introduce a new unique visual element to represent each interface on an assembly diagram . The same visual element will be displayed at both partner (client) side and service provider side. A developer will be easier to distinguish different interfaces especially when there are many components and interfaces were displayed in a diagram. By using this approach, it will improve the development speed and lower the complexity of the application maintenance job.


11]]] Overview of this invention

Overview of this invention


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222..The wired components in an assembly diagram

This Figure 2. Shows how the three components described in Figure 1. wired in an assembly diagram with our new approach. For each connection between the client (ComponentA) and service providers (ComponentB and ComponentC) now has rendered with two new visual element called [


aa]]] Interface Identifier

        Interface Identifier. For each connection, there are two Interface Identifiers: one is rendered with [c] Partnerand another one is rendered with [d] Interface endpoint. The Interfaces Identifiers which in a connection are in the same shape and color. With this design, it is very easy to distinguish the different interfaces to link.



22]]] Example about how does this disclosure work

Example about how does this disclosure work

In this section we describe how the connection is created and maintained. Figure 3. Shows in an assembly diagram, there are two components without any connection between them.


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333..Two components without any connection

When a programmer start to invoke ComponentB from ComponentA, the programmer should wire a...