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Encouraging adoption of social software and engagement of users by encouraging posting comments on relevant posts. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244288D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-30
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This document describes a systym for encouraging user of social network to comment on content, which they would most likely comment on. In a social network the content feed is presented to the user, and he may create his comments, but the users are posting comments only on some of the content. We suggest to reorder the feed in such a way that the content with higher probability to encourage the user to post an update will be boosted. This mechanism contains number of heuristic techniques, which are described below

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Encouraging adoption of social software and engagement of users by encouraging posting comments on relevant posts .

One of the challenges in deploying social software in an organization is getting users to be engaged and actually use the software.

More specifically, if we get users to post comments/status updates in the social software, this will drive adoption.

In general, people are more likely to reply on existing posts than to write their own posts, as it is much easier.

This idea is about encouraging the user to be active in the social system by recommending the user on which existing posts he might want to reply.

We can highlight posts in the user's feed that the user might want to reply on, or we can show a separate list of posts that the user might want to reply to.

Such recommendations can be based on various factors, for example:

- Posts that have location information set to places the user went to recently (tourism spots, restaurants, bars etc.). For this we can use information like location of events the user attended, photos the user was tagged in and GPS location from the user's phone cross referenced with known locations.

-- also places that the user already posted about but now there is a new post by someone else which has a different sentiment

- Topics the user is likely to write about

- Posts that are likely to induce a reaction. e.g. posts that have a strong sentiment, or a question

Existing social software presents the user with a feed of updates posted by other users .

There is prior art about how to choose updates that are of interest to the user.

However, the user might remain passive and only read the updates.

We suggest a mechanism to choose the updates that are not only interesting to the user but are also likely to induce a reaction, and further, we suggest to explicitly show these updates to the user as updates that he might want to reply to.

The idea is to start with the feed of updates that are of interest to the user (updates scored by various factors like recency, topics of interest to the user, closeness between the user and the person who posted the update etc.), and then apply boosts to order the updates by the likeliness that the user will want to reply on them:

- Boost posts about topics that the user wrote about in the past, as the user might be interested in various t...