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Estimation of event's participants number based on social media analysis. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244304D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-01
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Nowadays social media are extensively used in event marketing and event management. Potential attendees can in advance, declare their willingness to attend. However, the organizer may want to estimate how many of potential attendees will not take part in the event because of multiple purposes.

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Estimation of event '

'''s participants number based on social media analysis

s participants number based on social media analysis .

There is always a group of attendees who initially declared their willingness, but eventually neither took part in the event, nor cancelled their declaration. As a result, the organizer may take decision which leads to oversized event preparation or is unable to properly estimate how many of attendees will not show up. This may lead to waste of resources, funds or overestimation of required staff.

The event management application has information about social media profiles of the users who declared to attend an event. Disclosed is idea to estimate risk that they will not take part in the event based on information from their social media data (geolocation, geolocation direction, status (wedding, business trip), willingness to take part in an alternative event or events, etc.), The event management application actively follows the information broadcasted via social media. The time-management application

joins the information from social media with the list of event attendees and generates estimated number of participants based on merged data.

The social media based event management application, in order to simplify the event sizing and make it more effective, would work as below:

1. Participants declare attendance to the event, using theirs social media profiles.

2. The event management application monitors participant's social medi...