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Method and System to save data traffic for web service Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244327D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-02
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The idea provides a new way based on DFDL to compress XML message such as the SOAP message between web service client and server side.

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Method and System to save data traffic for web service

Web service is a standard interface which is widelyused for the communication between different systems, sometimes it is known as too weight for mobile applications, usually people choose to use JSON based REST API to save data traffic, but the capability of JSON based REST API is not as strong as web service. This idea provides a method and system to compress web service messages to save data traffic so that it is more suitable for applications which are data traffic sensitive.

The input XML message is compressed into two parts:
1. Message head, it contains multiple group as (element index, occurs), for example (1.1,2),(1.2,1) , this means element 1.1 occurs two times, and element 1.2 occurs one time.

2. Message body only contains real data without XML tag, use {} and , to separate elements and describe the levels of the element similar as JSON message but without element name.

For example, the XML message contains element F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, D1 and its child elements G1, G2, G3, G4, a sample compress result looks as below:

If the XML messages contains multiple optional elements, message head is generated to help to identify whether the element occurs or not, such as:


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(F2index,1) means element F2 occurs for one time, so that first element v2 is parsed to be element F2, so as for element G2.

In order to make the system work:
1. The compress component is in both client and server side to share same XML schema...