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Circular motion gesture for control of content on circular screens Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244383D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-08
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There is a design conflict between the desire to have smart watches that look like watches (i.e. have circular screens), and hand-held device interactions which inherently rely on rectangular screens. We propose a new form of visualisation and interaction for working with large lists of items on circular, small form-factor devices.

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Circular motion gesture for control of content on circular screens

Current rectangular smartwatch designs have essentially taken a design approach of shrinking the smartphone experience, for example, still using an nxm grid (e.g. 2x2) of application icons for choosing an application to launch. However, grid layouts and their associated gestures are not a good fit when it comes to circular displays.

    This idea proposes a circular icon layout with an icon ribbon paradigm, and an associated set of gestures to simplify interaction with a circular display.

    The idea is described in terms of a set of application icons but applies to any set of things (ideally ordered), including quantized measurements such as colors and time.

    Application icons are laid out one-by-one on a ribbon (or 1xm grid where m is the number of icons) in some order (e.g. alphabetical).

    A contiguous set of those icons is visible on the screen (F - K). These icons are displayed in a circle around the screen. The number displayed will depend on screen size & user preference.

    The dashed line signifies where icons go out of view or new icons appear in view based on some user interaction. For example, rotating the icons clockwise by 1 would hide K and bring E into view.

A set of gestures is also claimed.

Rotate icons by using a circular clockwise or anti-clockwise motion:

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    Spin the icons by swiping along the edge (first example spins clockwise, second and third spin anti-clockwise). Spinning...