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System and Method for offering Deferential Cloud Services Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244387D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-08
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Disclosed is a system for providing software as a service in a cloud based on the concept of deferential services, which cloud service providers can offer by managing excess server capacity in supporting and worker modes.

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System and Method for offering Deferential Cloud Services

In a bare-metal cloud environment, a set of servers is provided for rental to the customers as needed. In order to manage the customer demands , the provider of such a cloud environment always needs to maintain a surplus of servers . Invariably, at any time, there are excess servers (i.e. not being used by a paying customer). These cloud providers would like to monetize the excess servers by running services on those servers.

A system is needed that provides a set of offerings , such as new software services, for monetizing the excess servers. However, because the services can quickly lose the underlying infrastructure if the server is needed again, a special design is required to offer those services.

The basic idea of the disclosed solution is to offer a service that can consume the excess capacity in the system to make software as a service offerings . However, it is not possible to use the excess capacity to offer standard software as a service offerings, because the unexpected removal of servers can break the service . Therefore, the service needs to be offered so that it can withstand the removal of a server underneath, in an easy manner. The objective of the current solution is to provide a system that enables the delivery of such services, known as deferential services . These services defer the associated infrastructures to other services/workloads as needed.

The main approach provides the concept of deferential services by using a set of three supporting services, offered in a normal manner, and a set of worker services, offered in a deferential manner.

Supporting Services: The three "normal manner" services are a load balancer service , a management/control service, and a state maintenance service. These services run on dedicated servers that are not given up to other services. In order to provide deferential services, the cloud service places all of the excess servers in a separate pool . In that pool of excess servers, some of the services run in this normal mode . These services run on dedicated servers that are not normally given up or are the last to be given up if capacity runs to 100%.

Worker Services: The "worker services" are designed to easily surrender the associated infrastructure as needed. This is key for the operation of deferential services in which the system can take away the servers. Modified to run in a stateless manner, the worker services do not maintain any internal application state .

Offering deferential service consists of the following common steps :

1. Converting a service into one or...