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NoSql UDA and NoSQl Modeler Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244394D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-09
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This article is to try to model the NoSql (No relational data or Non SQL) data in a unified way, so that the data can be used in the system that needs data to be schema-ready . The idea would help user create schema on NoSql data on the fly and then be integrated into schema needed system easily by JDBC (Java Database Connectivity), ODBC(Open Database Connectivity), and OLEDB(Object Linking and Embedding, Database) interface

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NoSql UDA and NoSQl Modeler

BI (Business Intelligence) is set of products for rendering fancy report which data is from different RDMS (Relational Database Management system). RDMS as data source has been proved enterprise level confidences. BI supports very different data sources but mostly traditional and relational databases. the traditional and relational data sources are all SQL(Structured Query Language) based system. For new emerging data systems such as NoSQL system , BI products do not support because of their data is not very strictly structured and interface to the unstructured data is very difficult. these data storage system are unified to be called as NoSql most of which are key-value based systems . the NoSQL is complementary of RDMS ,which stores the data that normally can not be modeled with SQL structures

BI product is designed better work with the Modeler(It's a tool to model business data into well formed data structure that can feed into BI system) such as Framework manager, Cube designer. After the data modeled with these tools, then BI report could be used to render the report with it as model. Currently, almost all data are SQL structured, no directly support for the NoSql interfaces, this invention is to address the issues , that enables business data modeler can retrieve data and model it directly with the data from NoData system by adding new layer on top of all NoSql system. That's valuable to extend the data sources for BI from Sql Based data (well structured data) to NoSql data (none/half well structured data). BigData are usually stored with NoSql system because of non or half well structured nature such as logs, pictures...etc.

The NoSQL system is gradually popular these days. It is a nature way to store non-structured data, it is one very important BigData branch, there are systems that support the NoSQL data by inventing or designing schema on fly to the natural schema-less system , that forcedly convert the NoSql to SQL that's unnatural. The below idea is to unify the interfaces to support the NoSql in a natural way in the BI system.

The Idea is to add new layer to unify the interfaces to most of NoSql systems . Then extend modeler to support these unified int...