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A method and System for file transferring using QR codes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244396D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-09

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A method and system to use the two-way communication to transfer file by QR codes (i.e. Quick Response Code) , including: 1. Convert files to a series of QR codes and use such series of QR codes to transfer file contents. 2. Assemble back to the file according the series of QR codes. 3. Use a series of QR codes as the control signal to control which content QR code to be sent. 4. Use a QR code as summary to record the transferring working information, Sender gives the summary QR code to Receiver, and Receiver will work on transferring depend on this summary. 5. Use two way communication between Receiver and Sender to work on transferring, the Receiver displays the control signal QR code to Sender, then Sender read it and work following the instruction, displays the content QR code and Receiver get the content. 6. Repeat to send the control signal QR code for unsuccessful content transferring.

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A method and System for file transferring using QR codes

Mobile Device is used widely today, and its function become more and more powerful, it can take photo,download file from internet and applications etc., that is to say, the mobile device can carry more and more information and data today.

Today, a user maybe has a traditional computer device together with some mobile devices in hand at the same time. While mobile devices were used widely, a user maybe often want to transfer some files from mobile to another traditional computer, for example, he used the mobile device to take lots of photo, when he is using the instance messenger software to talkwith others on another computer, he wants to send some pictures took by his mobile device to others, so he needs to transfer those picture files from mobile device to the computer. Today there are several ways to do this, for example:

a. Turn off the mobile device, get the SD card (i.e.Secure Digital Memory Card) out of the mobile device, and then use the USB card reader to read this SD card on computer. After that, plugin the SD card back to mobile device and turn on it.

b. Configure the mobile device to use the WIFI, connect the mobile device into same network where the computer connected, use some kinds of software to share the files from the mobile device and then receive the files from computer via some kinds of software.

c. Use the USB cable to connect the mobile and computer together, read the files from the mobile.

d. Configure the mobile device and computer to use the Bluetooth device, and share the files from mobile devices.

Those methods maybe need to do some configuration with complex steps, is there any other simple way to do file transfer?

There are another situation a user may be faced frequently, the mobile device can't connect with the computer via kinds of story, e.g., no USB cable in hand, no USB reader in hand, can't connect to network due to some reasons, so how to deal with such situation?


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This invention presents a method and system for instance messenger software to use the QR code (i.e. Quick Response Code) to do file transferring, and also deal with following situation when working on file transferring:
a. To transfer multiple files
b. The transferred file is large one
c. The transfer progress maybe broken accidentally
d. Two devices interact with each other and do some flow control
e. Identify the QR code frame again which can't be processed and Send again

The QR barcodes could be used to embed some data information in today's technology. When a QR barcode was generated and embedded some data in it, the QR barcode can be scanned, recognized and decoded by a another device or computer, and then the data could be transferred into that device or computer, it is used widely in today's life. As the camera is a very common hardware configuration in current mobile device and computer, so the QR code could be used to do files transferring between the mo...