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EASY SNAP HITCH COVER Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244402D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-09
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Although different from case to case, the attachment strategy of common trailer hitch covers consists of tabs or hooks around the side and top borders, while plastic screws attach the bottom to the fascia. These screws, even though some can be engaged or disengaged by hand, make common trailer hitch covers very difficult to install and remove.

      The effort to install and remove common trailer hitch covers make it undesirable for the customer to do it, so instead of using the cover when the trailer hitch is not in use, once removed the cover is rarely put back. Concerns with the common execution include:

 Decline of visual styling, which is not desired by the customer.  Loose covers generate rattle noises.

   To solve these concerns, a hitch cover, called Easy Snap Hitch Cover is proposed (see illustration


      The main characteristic of the Easy Snap Hitch Cover is that it does not have hard fasteners; hooks (2) are located on the top border to work as a hinge; a pull/push feature (3) is located centered, in the bottom of the cover's surface for customer manipulation; and in the center of the bottom border, the cover has a bigger snap (4), to allow for required engagement. Side and bottom borders may include tabs and snaps (5) as needed for proper retention.

      The fascia component which holds the Easy Snap Hitch Cover has a flange (6) around its entire inner periphery, avoiding light bleeding when the cover is on; it includes windows to...