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A way to make mobile applications work smarter as workflow. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244420D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-10
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This method implement a service at mobile OS level or extend notification center functions to throw message to different applications base on rules. Which can make the mobile applications work together without break out sandbox security framework, and also provided a costomize option for different apps from different developers for the end users to make their device work smarter.

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A way to make mobile applications work smarter as workflow.

The popular mobile OS provides many functions as different applications , which are developed by the OS enterprise itself's or third party developers. While those applications isolated in different application sandbox . they can not see each others or even to connect together to cooperate do some interest works. This idea intend to provide a way to make application work together to make our smart devices smarter.

End user download and install applications on mobile device to fit different requirements : like social network, like chat online or share things and etc. Those applications are provided by many different developers around the world. We can call our cell phone "smart phone". Things get more complex when we already got many applications for different purposes:

1. If I like application A which can improve the image quality or add annotations, while in applicaiton B, I want those function from A but B's provider doesn't implement at all, normal way is open application A to modify and save image into "photo", then open application B to import, then work in B to continue the tasks;

2. User get SMS or notification when pay with credit cards, application provided the money manage functions want record it, they have to use something like plugin to scan all the SMS and import it into application db, then provide bill on device. But if this SMS db or notification stored in isolated sandbox, how to do?

3. Further more, in an enterprise scenario: If user installed a bundle of applications to complete different works , like using application A to do some internal workflow launch or approval. Using application B to stored some files to intranet file server. application C to chat with other colleagues. A single work requirement can be fine for user to open A,B C to complete. If the

work items repeat to come: user always get input in C to receive files, then open B to save it in file server, then open A to launch some work flow attach the file as reference. Think about a user need repeat...