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System and method to effectively locate files in mobile devices

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244423D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-10
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A method to locate files in mobile devices effectively is disclosed, in which, a transparent dial with characters on it for user to rotate and shortcuts on it for user to select. The characters on it is dynamic according to the files names under current path and the characters width depends on file name proportion. The shortcuts are generated according to specific rules like frequency of files names existence. User could rotate the dial to change current path, and select the shortcut to go to area where specific files locate.

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System and method to effectively locate files in mobile devices


- List viewing in Mobile devices are popular especially for enterprise user, e.g. files list viewing, or mail list viewing
- However, the screen in mobile device is quite small for operations, and typing in mobile device is also not convenient


- Non-friendly operations: users have to scroll up and down when list is long(in list mode), or click several times to view all of the content (in tab mode)

- Low precise: cannot exactly navigate to specified items

Core Ideas

- A transparent dial list the character of the file name that sort by alphabets.

- Dial is dynamically updated according to the files' names. Only list exist letters.

- The width of letters in the dial depends on the numbers of the files in the proportion.

- Can navigate to next/previous letters once select a letter.

- List "Shortcut" in the dial if the string exists in multiple files' names (or basing on other rules), and it goes to that position directly.

- Turn the dial then display corresponding files according to the selected letters.


1. User friendly operations (easy and saving time)

2. Precise

3. Quickly know if the file isn't exist.

4. No need to worry about clicking wrong letters.

5. Easy to understand

6. "Shortcut" can help to quickly find frequently people's names.



1. Transparent dial lists the letters of files in current path.

2. Navigate to the letter by rotate the dial

3. Dynam...