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An new method and system for routine inspection of power grid Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244432D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-11
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An innovative method that huge SCADA trip-up records are efficiently modeled to detect potential weak-point in the current power grid operation. modeling SCADA record based multi-view heterogeneous information.

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An new method and system for routine inspection of power grid


Power transmission and distribution lines are under security risks, the reason is as follows: 1. The transmission lines are long exposure in nature, was affected by all kinds of external factors;

2. The lines are affected by normal mechanical loads and power load;

3. The line elements are being aging, fatigue, corrosion and oxidation;

4. The lines are affected by the nature of the atmospheric pollution, lightning, wind, flood, earthquake, landslide, subsidence and external destruction of birds.

Current Solution and Problem

1. For the Manual inspection and manual paper media records, the disadvantages are high human and management costs, and unable to monitor the working status of inspection personnel, and no targeted inspection, waste a lot of manpower and material resources;

   2. For the Information button and information bolt and bar code, the disadvantages are installation complexity, easy damage, difficult to manage inspection workload no substantial reduction;

Process of our idea

The process can be disclosed as:


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Step 1: Power grid trip-up data and its formation recorded by SCADA System;

Step 2:A cascade model of GIS information filtering and integration;


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Step 3: Analysis and mining of the cascade mode of the cascade;

Step 4: Display the results.


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1. Efficiency: By incorporating multi-view heterogeneous information(weather, trip-up...