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Paint Application Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244435D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-11
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Paint Application Tool

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Paint Application Tool


A new tool designed to improve the method when applying paint to fully installed bolts is disclosed. This paint applicator tool has been found to be suitable for the priming and coating of installed bolts and fasteners. The tool comprises sponge/foam inserts which are designed to fit around a range of parts or a part being painted (illustrated in Figure 3). Therefore, the sponge can be formed for general part painting or to suit a particular part. These sponge/foam inserts get full access to the bolt using a convoluted applicator, Figure 1 illustrates this application tool. Although this tool was designed to aid the painting of bolts, this tool would work in multiple circumstances and positions.


                                            Figure 1 : Tool Design                                                                         Figure 2: Prototypes

                                    Figure 3: Formed Sponge Features