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Intelligent method to manage the negative comments dynamically responding the topic owner's request Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244444D
Publication Date: 2015-Dec-13
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This article describes a method of controlling public publishing based on feedback from customers. A trigger may be defined to make a snapshot of the publication and related information such as comments. Another type of trigger may be defined to rollback to a previous snapshot based on some condition. One or more monitors are defined to detect conditions that will invoke the triggers, such as if the user receives too much negative feedback within a short time. This provides a safety net to automatically minimize damage to one's reputation if there is a quick, strong negative reaction to some publicly provided information.

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Intelligent method to manage the negative comments dynamically responding the topic owner

Intelligent method to manage the negative comments dynamically responding the topic owner'

It is quite usual one will publish blogs or short messages in his personal or other enterprise web sites. Sometimes the message he delivered will arise negative feedback.

He will want to remove all such messages and comments, but deleting is not a good way to do that as it will need time and more manual work. This solution provide a trigger which could be

set by the blog owner, he could set two kinds of trigger with special condition settings. One kind of the trigger is invoked to snapshot his blogs, another trigger is invoked

to restore his blogs to the previous snapshot. In this way, when he accidentally delivered one message which arose a lot of negative feedback(to figure out which one is negative feedback we could use cognitive computing technologies and other kinds of analysis tool ), the trigger could be invoked automatically to restore the contents of his blogs. No issue message entry and comments could be shown any more. A clean view is displayed. The web page owner could handle negative feedback in such an easy but effective way.

1. A trigger displayed on the UI page of the user's blogs/short message/other kind of web pages which have a comment zone

2. The user could set conditions to invoke the triggers to

a. Store the user data as one snapshot

b. Restore the user data to the recent previous one

3. A monitor is used to detect the blogs publish situation, it detects whether the user's comments is most of negative feedback (by checking the key...